Detour Ahead!

In this climate, every pathway is either in the process of being restored or destroyed.  During the few months of the year when it is not road construction season in Minnesota, it is, by default, road deconstruction season.

And so we have come to a place where the Trail Baboon blog is about to be overturned and freshly paved.

Long time readers and participants will remember that I started this blog within days of my separation from MPR after 34 years. For 5 years I wrote a fresh post for this site almost every day. That was fun, and exhausting. About 20 months ago I decided to take a brief sabbatical from blogging that turned into something more like semi-retirement while I continued to put my energies into a full time job.

Although I have been present behind the scenes to help set and schedule posts, all the writing has been done by the dedicated members of the Baboon Congress.   Today we take another step in the evolution of Trail Baboon by moving the site to a new location, where Verily Sherrilee and Renee in North Dakota will take over day-to-day leadership of the troupe.

If your Trail Baboon bookmark has brought you this post, or if you’ve recieved an e-mail leading you here, I’m going to  re-route you to a new destination –

This is where the blogging will take place from now on, so make sure you re-set your bookmark and click to follow new posts from this new site.  You’ll know you’re in the right spot if you can see the names of contributing baboons prominently listed down the left side of your screen.

I will continue to read and contribute, but with this transition we will formalize something that has been true for a while – Trail Baboon is not the expression of one person’s point of view, but rather it is a true collaboration – a community of writers and friends who gather electronically to enjoy each others’ company.

So follow the detour … and read on!