About Dale Connelly

I am a writer living in New Brighton, Minnesota, part of the metropolitan Twin Cities area.

I spent 34 years at Minnesota Public Radio as a journalist, producer and disc jockey. It was my privilege to spend a quarter century working with Jim Ed Poole (Tom Keith) as co-host of The Morning Show.

Tom Keith retired in 2008 and I’m sad to say he passed away in October of 2011. His many fans still miss him though his work lives on as part of Prairie Home Companion’s colorful history.

Meanwhile, I ventured into online and HD broadcasting with MPR’s Radio Heartland. My MPR job was eliminated in the summer of 2010, but Heartland continues under the direction of one of our planet’s finest people, Mike Pengra.

In June of 2011 I joined KFAI Community Radio at 90.3 FM in Minneapolis and 106.7 FM St. Paul, where I served first as the news director and later as the program director.  I retired from KFAI in September 2018.  Thanks to the good people who continue to work and volunteer there, KFAI survives and is worthy of your support.

As I ease into retirement and explore some options for directing my time and energy, I hope to update and improve this website.  Please stay tuned.   

Thanks for visiting. I love to hear from former listeners and current readers.

2 thoughts on “About Dale Connelly”

  1. I sure do miss my morning ritual of Dale + JimEd + Great music. Rituals that are central in our life are a sort of prayer. I have to content myself with listening to my own “Morning Show” playlist and adding anything to it that I think Dale and Jim Ed would have played. I remember seeing the record library on a tour and the wall of albums that was for the Morning Show. Sure wish that I had a list of everything that was stored there.


  2. Thanks for the memories, Sean. Jim Ed and I had a wonderful 25 year run that I would not trade for anything. The best part of it was knowing we were part of the very thing you describe – a daily ritual for a select group of MPR listeners around the region. The oddest thing about that “wall of albums” you mention was that I could stand in front of it and sense the approximate location of the specific LP I was after. My powers of recall have never been too keen, but there is something about the color and condition of the thin spine of an LP cover that is able to cut through the haze!


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