Orange Marmalade Monkey Poem

Trivia: When you Google “Orange Marmalade Monkey Poem”, my other website, Trail Baboon,  is the #1 thing that comes up.

Number one. Who knew?

I discovered this quite by accident, but it was delightful to come in first in a competition I didn’t enter,  and in a category that I never would have expected to win.

All credit goes to one of Trail Baboon’s faithful contributors, Clyde in Mankato, who wrote a hilarious bit of verse about orange marmalade getting the upper hand and hitting his computer keyboard. The monkey part? That must be Google’s doing, factoring in Baboons from the blog title.

Being first in anything takes work and perseverance.  One must use one’s balance and strength to stay on top of the Orange Marmalade Monkey Poem heap.  Thus it was required that an appropriately focused rhyme be created immediately.

As of this writing, nearly three years later, we have maintained that #1 O.M.M.P. status.

A funny little monkey
For his breakfast in the glade
Topped a toasted piece of raisin bread
With orange marmalade.

A travel weary zookeeper
Whose flight had been delayed
Was surprised to see a monkey
Making breakfast in the shade.

“Toast is not a food for monkeys,”
said the keeper. “I’m afraid
that a monkey can get sickened
overeating marmalade.”

So he put the primate in a box
And shipped him, postage paid,
To a zoo where he’d be properly
And frequently displayed.

But the monkey became ill
In all the cages where he stayed.
And though they gave him monkey medicine
He got no marmalade.

He ate nothing then, for weeks.
With matted hair and muzzle grayed
Children gathered at his window
Just to watch the monkey fade.

Then one day a little girl with whom
The monkey had once played
Accidentally dropped her raisin toast
With orange marmalade

When the monkey took a tangy bite
a turnabout was made
and he hopped and ran and pranced around
his hospital stockade.

Now the monkey’s an attraction
Past his cage, there’s a parade
He makes raisin toast for all his guests
With Orange Marmalade



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