Lottie Dod’s Ditty

I can’t claim to be much of a sports fan.

But I do enjoy reading about interesting personalities, and participating in an organized sport is one way to express your uniqueness. Maybe it’s the pressure of competition that brings interesting qualities to the fore. And for some reason, the sporting world attracts individuals with remarkable names.

This came up one September when I noticed that a single date marked the birth of some sports figures from the past who had outstanding names –

All of Lottie Dod’s wins at Wimbledon came against the same player – the imposingly named Blanche Bingley Hillyard.

As an amateur sing-song poet and shameless creator of too many stupid little rhymes, I find this pair irresistible. And of course one of them has a perfect name for this justifiably unappreciated form.

Blanche Bingley Hillyard

Some sports can hinge on state of mind,
like tennis, golf and billiards,
Opponents can get in your head.
ie: Blanche Bingley Hillyard’s.

Though BBH was quite a champ,
(they will not soon forget her),
Each time they played at Wimbledon
Another girl was better.



The focus and the discipline
that Blanche brought to the game
was poised and stately, and it is
reflected in her name.

Lottie Dod

So it’s not fair that winning was
(if tennis has a God)
A major task for BBH.
And fun for Lottie Dod.

For Lottie didn’t practice
or prepare in any way.
She danced around the tennis court
and sang her name all day.

Lottie Dod, Lottie Dod,
Dotty Lottie Dod
Doodly Doodly Doodly dee
Lah dee Lottie Dod.



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