Ghost Town

A few lines of ultra-light verse for the Friday before Labor Day.

The Summer’s almost over now.
The season slipped away.
That’s why I’m leaving poems
on my schedule for today.

I’m leaving after lunchtime
and I won’t be back at all.
I’ve got a meeting to attend
due east of West St. Paul.

It has to do with hamburgers
and chips and cheese and beer.
A very urgent meeting, yes.
If not, I would stay here.

It’s all about the water
in the lakes where people play.
inflatable flotillas
might be launched. It’s hard to say.

I’ll have to handle worms today
and poles and fish and dirt.
It could get very messy.
I will have to change my shirt.

My sacrifice is willing.
As to that, please have no doubt.
That is why I’m leaving early.
I’ll be working. But I’m out.


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