Doom, Despair, Disappointment

After the the government shutdown / standoff / slapdown of 2011 was over, I was struck by the tone that was set in the press conference announcing the agreement – universal dissatisfaction.

When Minnesota’s political warlords emerged from their bunkers to agree on something – everyone agreed the settlement, the handiwork for which they sacrificed thousands of disagreeable hours, was universally appalling.

Which is a situation that just begs for an insipid little poem.

We closed down parks across the state
to strike a deal we all can hate.

We braced ourselves and wouldn’t move
for terms of which we don’t approve.

Stopped paying daycare costs for tykes
to get a budget no one likes.

Refused to let the horses race
to set the stage for this disgrace.

Let all the aid to towns subside
to force this pact we can’t abide

We didn’t budge. We pitched our tent
to make this legal excrement.

And did I mention anywhere
we’ll vote for what we cannot bear?

We hate the outcome. Hate it bad.
But that’s the only choice we had!


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