Ode to Autumnal Sobriety

This year has been a monster
and I’ve spent it on a binge.
From New Year’s through September
I did stuff that makes me cringe.

But now the warmth is ending
And the leaves are blowing free.
So sober through October
Is how I intend to be.

Sober through October
Is the promise that I make
Sober through October
‘Cause it’s wrong to drink and rake.

The air turns crisp, and if I booze
While flowers fade to brown.
I’m worried I might vanish
Beneath leaves piled on the ground.

So Darlin’, if you’re listening,
Here’s what I’m tryin’ to say.
I’m tryin’ not to be the man
who filled your car with hay.

I hate the ways I hurt you.
‘Least the ways that I recall.
So sober through October
Is how I will start my Fall.

Sober through October
Is my mission to complete.
Sober through October
‘cause it’s sad to drink or treat.

I’m askin’ you to help me
As I fight my private wars.
I want you by the bonfire
Should I slip and beg for ‘smores.

– DC


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