Today’s guest post comes from tim.

the igsnats is raggled and sort of bedraggled and ferbuffing aballa chome
but just as she twizzled the homdong bedrizzled yo wassled im baxters liloam

itโ€™s maxish ro traxish sel codee bulaxes faranda buttu or benigh
this eeps quite bittully lets not get unruly, erick and betook and oligh

ley boonk the bitussal because its refusal will dibble the gartz quite aboonly
if carblish is true then bortookly ri blue is the obvious ash to the junetree

i fear that nuressel quips inside my vessel and higgles to felton arral
if westleward ginkles leave bitelshear sprinkles amid levelosh divinthol

a quasterly mumfly domes flamen tumumkly emfatably worsle benee
ip waller gnishby sees more of the kish he rekembles his farberly wee

Do you ever have your warble go koo?

60 thoughts on “koo?”

  1. all morning! Missed you all this past week… love the koo’d warble tim. I occasionally mix up the beginnings of words so that “winded politician” becomes “pinded Wolowician” and it usually makes me wonder what the brain is doing in those moment. But I’m not even remotely in tim’s league.

    Sorry I missed the why-ku day. Can’t help but add my own days later:

    Heโ€™s a big train wreck –
    Burning, smoldering roadside.
    We cannot look away


    1. welcome back, where were you off to?
      my laptop did a crash this week so alternate means are in force. the morning search for trail baboon had something other than dale pop up in first position.


      it is an eco tour of mountain gorillas in rwanda
      it looks very interesting but the cost is about 7,000 per person so the people in the pictures are either beautiful people with the pants that zip off into shorts or people who got to come along to fill in the empty slots and are friends of the tour operators.
      if the trail were to start putting on tours to exotic destinations in our world we could have some fun. machu picchu, hawaii, denmark, two harbors, teddy roosevelt, the heads, san fransisco, amsterdam, china, where else?
      hire a local expert and we could be the hosts.
      id like rwanda but the purfume wafting out of the roof of the land rover could be an issue.


      1. I’d love to go to all those exotic destinations. Unfortunately the last week it has been very non-exotic. Just working too much and then going home and putting on my pajamas at 6 p.m. I have a girlfriend who calls this “cocooning”. Program is operating today (in fact I’m at the office answering the 800 line today – not getting paid extra for this duty) so have reached the light at the end of the tunnel.

        Jasper Fford alert. “The Last Dragonslayer” has finally arrived in the Hennepin County Library system. And the “Woman Who Died a Lot” is starting off quite enjoyably!


  2. My father’s warble has been going koo quite a bit this week. He is making surprising progress in the nursing home, and will be able to come home in about a month. He continues to get OT, PT, and Speech therapy twice a day. He complained to my mom that “they keep asking me my phone number.” Mom asked, “so what is your phone number?” He recited perfectly his brother’s phone number, mixing it up with his own. It is so odd, since he rarely ever phones his brother. The other day he tried to tell my mom that George McDonald, a local eye doctor, came to see him, except he said that George McGovern was his visitor. My mom is quite upbeat and hopeful. She is distressed by the weight he has lost, and says “Renee, he looks so old and wrinkled now, just like a 100 year old man.” I reminded her that he almost is a 100 year old man. He looked like someone in his 70’s before this.


    1. Marvelous post, tim, I’m speechless. Lewis Caroll had nothing on you!

      My warble definitely has moments went it goes koo. Some words are just hard for me to remember which means which: dairy and diary come to mind. It takes a deliberate effort, and a slight hesitation before I say it out loud, to get the right word in a sentence. And, it’s not just my warble either; sometimes my brain refuses to retrieve information that I know full well is in there. It’s especially bad when it comes to names.


  3. I had a shrink tell me that left handed people who do things right handed have to do a brain gymnastic every time the do something and the result is not always calming and and transitional.my guess would be the similar process takes place when your native tongue is other than English and then you translate it over. You still have to go to Danish and translate it to English very time … But I am wrong regularly
    The brain is such an amazing thing that processes so much stuff everyday it is likely we miss about 3/4 of what is going on most of the time
    Renee i am so happy to hear your dad is doing well. The phone numb name snafu will remind you he is not 100% but thankful he is so well in contrast to wht your worst fears must have been.
    B a appreciate your input hun.


    1. tim, the thing about left-handed people is true, in my opinion. I would add that watching a right-handed person demonstrate something and then having to figure out how to do it left-handed can be extremely un-calming. I can remember trying to do that for something I wasn’t very good at…I was near tears.


    2. About the language theory, for me that doesn’t ring true. I think in whichever language I’m speaking, except when it comes to numbers. For whatever reason, I do numbers in Danish which caused much teasing and hilarity in a woman’s group I used to belong to when we played poker. I’ll count to ten in English and then automatically switch to Danish. Not that I don’t know the English words for the higher numbers, but they lack their mathematic qualities. For instance if you asked me what three times forty-two is, I’d translate the numbers to Danish, calculate the result and translate it back to English. Perhaps this is why I’m hopeless when it comes to remembering telephone numbers, just can’t comprehend large numbers in English. Don’t tell anyone, OK?


      1. Phone numbers never occurred to me to be big numbers
        They are a unique assembly of a bunch of individual numbers
        I always memorize by relation of one number to the next not as a whole


  4. OT- Here’s another public service announcement from me; hope you don’t mind.
    Next weekend the Dias de los Muertos will be celebrated here on St. Paul’s West Side like few other places in the Twin Cities. I’ve participated in this celebration for years, and it’s really quite something to behold. It’s a cross-cultural experience like few others I can think of. I hope those of you who live in the area and have kids will consider joining in the celebration; heck I’d recommend that you attend even if you can’t use a kid as an excuse.
    Here’s a link to a website with more information:


  5. Daughter thought her warble went koo this week, since she had to memorize and recite 20 lines of Chaucer’s prologue to the Canterbury Tales in the original old English for her AP Literature class.


    1. I question the tendency to kick your ass so severely for having the audacity to take an ap class. It could easily suck the love of the class right out of it
      Having a teenager memorize that is cruel and unusual requirements. I’d be thinking of a counter assignment to equally challage a teacher like that. Rebuilding a transmission blindfolded seems about right


      1. She really likes the class, actually, but I am don’t think she will be too thrilled when they have to read Frankenstein, which is, in my opinion, one of the most boring books I ever read.


  6. Having just opened the play ‘Jabberwocky’ today I can tell you my favorite new swear word is Bandersnatch. Go ahead; Try it. Say it loud and with conviction. BANDERSNATCH!
    Feels good doesn’t it?


  7. tim – I think you could write a Dr. Seuss-like book, sort of a combination Seuss-Lewis Carrol, but uniquely timish. Your post has rendered me (nearly) speechless.


    1. timish talooh! fevrish tyring to figoor ut vats allt his mien. need smore red meat, a cleaver wud be handy or mybe jus anew keybored?


  8. Killiant broo, tim. No time to read much,but looks like a lot of fun. The 10-month-old where we are visiting here in Georgia could give you a mun for your runny. The 10-YEAR-old is sneaking around here in a ninja costume… it’s “grandparent heaven”. See you again in a few days…


  9. keyboarding rightness
    may imply politeness
    but for me it gets in the way

    may my brain dictations
    by fingertip fluctuations
    get waylayed or lost long the way

    when the mojo get cooking
    all typing forsooken
    and the stuff comes flying out on its own

    for those grammatical sticklers
    i say typing particullars
    confine me so leave me alone

    the slack that im cut here
    regarding what i fear
    grammerians find quite alarming

    but i try to do it in a way
    that would make bevens say
    blah blah blah its ok if its charming

    the freeform poem listed
    for this weekend is twisted
    i admit it leaves blanks to respond to

    but i offered it up
    cause it felt bandersnatch yup
    in a trail freedom form i feel fond to

    dale let me get by
    with this nonsensical try
    at bloggish nonleading rhyme sort of

    thanks for weekend understanding
    hope you enjoyed what im handing
    a choice to good language abort of

    tomorrow we’ll find
    dales back and his mind
    steer baboons on their daily quest

    although i enjoy it
    guest blog to employ it
    but dale he sure does it best


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