A Donald Trump Why-ku

TV talk show producers, bloggers and assignment editors are asking themselves today why they continue to pay attention to Donald Trump. His “blockbuster announcement”, promoted for days through various news and entertainment venues, turned out to be an offer to donate 5 million dollars to a charity of President Obama’s choosing if the president releases his academic and passport records.

Ho hum.

I am complicit in this madness. The man needs attention, but I cannot explain why I give it to him. Just days ago I suggested that his cufflinks had been discovered on Mars. I could have assigned those cufflinks to anyone, and I tried. But they were only funny (to me) when they were Trump’s. He is an easy, never-fail punch line.


So many things are not worth the energy it takes to think about them. Meanwhile, serious problems go unaddressed. Important information we really ought to have remains secret, and none of it has to do with the President’s upbringing or personal history.

Where are our priorities? What is wrong with our judgment? The world deserves an explanation for this lunacy, but let’s not take a long time with it. Just as we did with our playing-the-lottery apologies, the 5-7-5 syllabic sequence of the haiku allows more than enough to describe why Trump continues to beguile.

It is not the hair
Or the big time blustering.
It’s only money.

Anyone can be
bizzare for a single day.
Forever is hard.

Too many people
need to know someone else is
more ridiculous

Explain Trump’s allure in a haiku.

42 thoughts on “A Donald Trump Why-ku”

  1. Sorry Dale and baboons, I’m taking a pass on this one. I find the man so utterly obnoxious, I refuse to spend any time thinking about him. Not playful when it comes to HIM! Can’t even bring myself to write his name.


      1. The heart, heck no, Clyde. More like an entirely different part of the anatomy; a word I don’t use very often, but which is entirely appropriate when he is the man we’re talking about. I’m not risking suspension from the blog by using it here, but I’m sure you all get my drift.


  2. I’ll take a pass on contributing in the requested form – my brain’s not wired that way but I would like to say something! I’m wishing that someone like Soros or Gates would counter-extort MittWit with and identical “offer” if he’d release multiple tax returns. Please????? This right wing obsession with 30-year old college transcripts reveals undeniable racism.


      1. Thanks anyway, PJ. For the first time in a decade, I won’t have to deal with my 80 yard bags worth of leaves this fall. Last Mother’s Day, one of my sons gifted me with the “loan” of his groundskeeper to do all the spring start-up labor. This guy eyed my dock (in my divorce settlement, the ex got the big boat with no dock; I got the dock with no boat!), then offered a deal I couldn’t resist: he docked his boat in exchange for spring AND fall clean-up!! Oh what a relief it is ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I wonder what we would find if we had Trump’s transcripts and other records? The deal maker probably has more than a few secrets that would look good out in the open.


  3. I was excited at the prospect of a why-ku day but the subject is too icky to be inspiring. Other Baboons have worked well with the material.
    A big waste of air.
    He could be some fine kindling
    Just needs to be Fired!


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