A Pie in the Face

The Tom Keith Hurrah on Saturday night was, as promised, a giddy romp. There were songs and jokes. There was cross dressing, juggling and magic. And Baboon(er)s were in the audience, alongside some other animals, if I could believe the sounds I heard people making.

To the right you can see our representatives from the Trail, courtesy of PlainJane from the West Side and her husband (the photographer). From left to right in the back row: Jim (Joanne’s husband), PlainJane, tim, Joanne, Anna, and engrossed in his book verrilee sherrilee’s s&h. In the front row, also from left to right: Linda, verrilee sherrillee,
and madislandgirl.

The smiles in this photo are an important sign of artistic success. The people who put the show together, Garrison Keillor, Dan Rowles, Kate Gustafson, Sue Scott and a host of other hard working APHC staffers and associated artists, insisted that the Fitzgerald theater be a eulogy-free zone for the night. There not much that words can add when you bring out the bagpipes, as they did for the show’s finale. What is it about that instrument that gives people permission to cry? Maybe the intensity of the sound simply drives emotions out of hiding, I don’t know.

And if that wasn’t enough – Pies Were Thrown. Or at least Pies Were Pushed Into Faces.

I wish I had a picture of the actual pies and the willing victim, along with some video of the hilarious clean-up process. Perhaps those will surface eventually here. For the audience, it was a delight, and a fitting tribute to Mr. Keith, who always wanted to please the crowd with laughs and amazements and then send them home happy. On Saturday night at the Fitz, his friends did just that.

Who deserves a pie in the face?

84 thoughts on “A Pie in the Face”

  1. Morning all. I’ve described the memorial to several folks yesterday, non-blog friends who knew I was attending. Sounds pretty bizarre if you weren’t there or didn’t know Tom Keith’s humor: Garrison in drag, floor mopping/drying to bluegrass/jazz, the Wulitzer organ pushed out onto the stage! And I agree with tim – glad that Peter O didn’t reduce us all to tears like he did for the last TMC. It was a riot to sit on the stage with most of the baboon crew – fun to see what all goes into a show like this.

    Dale – one small correction – s&h belongs to Catherine, not me (although I think that the photo captures him reading is classic, since I’ve never met him when he didn’t have his nose in a book).

    Pie in the face… almost anybody, but I think the more seriously people take themselves, the more they need it. With that, I’m nominating Michelle Bachmann & Sarah Palin to get the ball rolling.


    1. Oops, my mistake! I’m the one who wrongly attributed the s&h to you. My apologies to all.

      I second that MB and SP are good candidates for a pie in the face. And, I’d love to shove one in the face of Jesse Ventura next time they pat him down at an airport somewhere.


  2. Rise and Throw a Pie Baboons!

    NO FAIR. VS TOOK MY NOMINATION! I wanted to say Michelle Bachmann. OK. Any Republican on the Finance Super Committee who won’t compromise. I also nominate the MPR manager who fired our Greatest Ape, Dale. While I have worked hard on giving up that grudge, and no longer grinding the axe, he/she does deserve a pie in the face. Now I will stop my axe-grinding again.

    I wanted to go to the HURRAH! very badly, but I decided to stay home to work on several projects that are Christmas-related, since time is flying and my Grandchildren’s yearly Christmas angels are coming due. So I did the grown up thing to do and missed the pie throwing. I think I will pout about it this morning.


  3. I too was unable to attend but had the loss assuaged by dear friends. When I stopped by the farm yesterday they took out a smart phone and read the notes they took during the show. As they said there were too many jokes and wonderful moments to remember. They also brought me a program.

    I am going to redirect the baboon pies already thrown. There is a new conservative-crazy people tactic. They portray themselves as victims of the evil liberal world and describe themselves as being at risk.

    Do you remember the huge fuss kicked up when glitter was tossed at MB et al? My least favorite interpretation-those terrorists could have a gun (only because of the conceal carry laws you bozos passed). Alas, I fear they would use violence against lovely baboon pie throwers. Both the pictured and the homeboud are too special to lose!.


  4. Good morning to all,

    Nice picture. I wasn’t free to attend the show and appreciate hearing about it on this blog.

    There are times when I deserve a pie in the face. I think many of our political leaders could use a pie in the face. In fact, I think our political leaders are sort of getting a pie in the face from the Occupy people. The Occupy movement is showing us it might be possible to make some positive changes that are badly needed. They are showing us that we can address important issues that both the Republicans and Democrats don’t seem be able to deal with.


    1. Yes – the Occupy movement is very cool. They also demonstrate the power the majority has when it decides not to be silent anymore.


      1. Krista, I just started reading a book that is realistic fiction set about 25 years in the future (mostly so the author can flashback to the present, which is an interesting approach). Besides the cars parking and plugging in to solar stations, and teachers being respected and well-paid, the author also briefly mentions a world-wide “youth movement” that pulls the world back from the edge of disaster.

        This is just a nice little chic lit series, not sci-fi, and was clearly written (since it is now published) before OWS even existed (but the author, I know, does live in Madison).


      2. hey Krista-like I say, the series is some very nice chic lit that is comfort reading for me. tim would hate it, toooooo girly.
        The author is Jennifer Chiaverini, the title of the book is The Wedding Quilt.

        If you think you might like to read the series, don’t read this first, as it is one big spoiler-makes me worry it is the end of the series, as a lot of loose ends are getting tied up neatly. I hope I am wrong.


  5. How ’bout a pie in the face for anyone working on Wall Street who makes a six-figure income – and a second pie (and in some cases, perhaps a third) for those director-level and above. With the caveat that No Admin or Janitorial Staff May Clean Up the Mess (and no government bailouts for cleaning crews). All cleaning must be performed by those with titles that can be reduced to letters (Executive Vice President to CEO).


    1. Sounds good to me, Anna. I think you will find that most of those people on Wall Street who should get a pie in the face make at least seven-figure incomes and wouldn’t think of working for anything less than that.


  6. Pies to eat go to a bunch of people in Woodbury. The Woodbury High School production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” sponsored a coat drive at all of their performances.
    I set a lofty goal of 600 coats and as of Friday evening we were 124 coats short. Kids and parents went into high gear and by Saturday night we had 700 coats plus hats, mittens, scarves, etc. After the finale we put the coats on the stage around Joseph’s chariot and told the kids to pose for pictures. They spontaneously began to sing “Bring me my colored coat.”
    The sorted coats will be delivered today to Joseph’s Coat on W 7th street to help keep struggling folks warm.
    Pie all around!


  7. george bush was always my candidate for a pie in the face. he always looked either ike he just got one, tht kind of what the heck sort of expression or like he was being the swaggering texn his dddy told him to act like so everyone didn’t know what a dweeb he was, and when he had that presentation on i would have loved to have seen him get a pie in the face every time. i think a pie in the face for garrison was wonderful the second time was gret and the third left me with the feeling that if evry time i saw garrison form now on he got a pie in the face that would be good. i think a number of gop big dogs would fit the bill. mb of course but how about ron paul, governor perry, newt, and herman cain and then over to cry baby boehner love to see snake face cantor take one in the chops. dick cheney and donald rumsfelt. when i typed donalr the donald became a must on the list, lets give hugh hefner one in the crotch, pamala anderson and the faux beauties start a list of their own, angelina all the top 40 singers with silicone and one name can take one for the list and how about dead guys, a pie in the face of a corpse may not get much of a response but nixon, regan, gerald ford lbj spiro angew, oprah would be good, tim pawlenty would be interesting to watch the response on he wouldn’t get it. mitt romney. youd feel bad because you meessed up his perfect shirt. i think mitt is the man and i think running may be just the pie in the face he needs. good article this morning in the ny times about mitts slash and burn tactics in company aquisitons he refers to as being in business, just what we want as our model of free enterprise. enjoy the november from omaha out ther babooners off into the post jim ed era feeling a bit of closure. thanks all


  8. I’m sorry I wasn’t there, but I wanted to hang around home that evening. My older cat, the one we variously call “Queen Victoria” and “The Dowager Empress,” aka Polychrome, is dying of kidney disease. She got hydrated at the vet’s Saturday morning, and I was waiting to see if there’d be an effect. Not much; we’re continuing to give her fluids at home, but we’ll probably be putting her to sleep near the end of the week. She’s 17 (I got her from friends when she was a couple months old), so she’s had a pretty good run, and good physical health up until now. Mental health is another story; she’s a very odd cat indeed, but they do say calicos are sweet and tortoiseshells are nuts, and she’s a beautiful tortie who’s nuttier than a fruitcake.

    He’s off the national stage now, but I think Tim Pawlenty still deserves a pie in the face, not only for abandoning the state to go off building his campaign, but for promptly collapsing like a punctured balloon. Not that I want him for a candidate for anything, not even vice-president of the garden club, but that was probably the most pathetic performance I’d ever seen. It was like watching a Little Leaguer at the plate who’s afraid of getting hit by the ball. I’d like to see TPaw’s flinch when he sees a pie heading his way. Mean of me, I know, but funny.


    1. Crow Girl, very sad to read about your 17 year old kitty, but I’d say she has had a great run. Hope you have many memories tucked away when she succombs.

      Punctured balloon, boy is that true of Pawlenty. If there was ever a big fish in a small pond phenomena, he was it-then chewed up by the big pond dynamics.


    2. My son has a toroishell-calico who likes to sneak into the refridgerator whenever the door is open and nest on the bottom shelf. She also likes it when someone pushes her around on the kitchen floor with a broom or mop.


      1. its so hard to have to deal with death and fraility and the trail helps me out a lot. we never talk about it in real life it is too depressing and i don’t want to be a bumer so i wil talk about something else. i see a ot of people who never ever evre think talk about or deal with the concept and then when tt whcks them it is out of the blue. crow girl and pj and hans i am truely sorry for your pain and i hope you can remember the critters fondly and take something positive away form the experiene and i also love the support the openess and the genuine compassion from the babooons. i used to think it was weird that the fish lady would show true compassion when my fish died. you ahve kind of a weird relationship with fish in general but you do have a relationship and she is where i got my strokes that made it ok to feel bad about losing a fish. baboons do it for each other here on the trail. did anyone see the tv deal ast night on the elephane and the dog? it was a tear jerker that was nice at the same time as it was sad. that is what i see here too. kind of the opposite of a pie in the face, more like a warm hug in the heart. thanks for that


    3. sorry to hear about your reigning monarch. It sounds like you have made good plans for her passage and that she has given you much joy.

      A nutty cat sounds like a lot of fun. Peace to your household.


    4. Excellent description of T-Paw. And so sorry to hear about your kitty. She sounds a little like our little 18 year old who we often call our “Garbo Cat” (she wants to be alone…and lately she has been spending entire days under the couch).


      1. Thanks, everyone. Anna: yes, that sounds like Polly-lite. I got her as a companion to my first cat, and when he died mistakenly thought she’d like another companion. She hated Twyla on sight and moved into one of the bedrooms to live for 2 years, then when we moved lived in the walk-in closet for 4 years. She’s been much happier at the duplex. She’d been sleeping on the bed instead of under it and going for little walks around the place a couple of times a day. She even requested petting (not allowed, asked!) and started purring out loud–I’d never heard her purr before. But she’s an epically stubborn cat and, as you can guess, holds amazing grudges. Life isn’t going to be the same without her imperious yowl.


      2. I hadn’t seen that Plainjane had lost a bird; I’m so sorry! It’s been a rough few months for friends and companions, that’s for sure.


      3. It’s funny how the sounds made by our animals frame our world – “imperious yowl” seems like a fitting noise for your kitty. And if she’s like mine, she purrs twice as loud as you’d expect from such a small creature. Hard to watch them go (and difficult to have that kitty-sized hole in your world when the time comes) – hope she is able to go gently into that good night.


  9. Excellent lists for p-i-f! I could add a former neighbor, and a few in-laws, but that would be unkind, so let’s do it. And I suppose we could add people like Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan and hope it would knock some sense in. Sports heroes that little kids look up to who end up in the news for doing afwul things…

    Sorry to hear about the kitty, CG.
    And RIP, for your cockatiel, PJ.


  10. Arnold Schwarzenegger could us a little pie in the face. I agree with everyone on tim’s list, except I’d spare LBJ. Let’s not forget former St. Paul mayor and senator, Norm Coleman; he richly deserves one. I’d also add Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern and Pioneer Press columnist, Joe Soucheray, for being such hate mongers and curmudgeons.

    Talking about curmudgeons, Tim Russell’s Andy Rooney, newcomer at the Pearly Gates quip was priceless.


  11. That is indeed my s&h with his nose in a book. Let the record show he did put it away for the show and really enjoyed it too.

    After the show, we needed supper, so stopped at the MS Market on W 7th to pick up a picture. It was a lovely piece of irony to be wearing a Dr. Larry Kyle badge into a co-op that emphatically does not sell food that has been genetically altered. One of the guys ahead of us in the check-out knew about the Tribute and asked how it was-really, I was at a loss to describe it, there was so much.

    Ben, I really wish you of all Baboons could have been with us on the stage-it was a real treat to see the show “from behind”.

    You knew a pie was coming, which I think made it even better.

    Trying to think who has not already been nominated-ah yes, Grover Norquist, to whom many Republicans have sold their souls, signing his anti-tax pledge. My problem is that I have googled the guy and still can’t figure out what his authority is, nor would I recognize him on the street.

    Give him the pie, and maybe he will be easier to identify in the future.


    1. Good Afternoon everyone.

      I am truly sorry to have missed this; you’re all making it sound like so much fun! Alas, I had to work. And I’m a terrible audience member; I spent too much time looking at other stuff and not paying attention to the show. And I’m sure you all would have distracted me too!

      But I have survived the rush and am into about three weeks of relative ‘quiet time’. Played with Amelia and took a nap yesterday! And this morning was errands (including a root canal. Harumph.) and soon as I finish lunch I’ll be headed out to ‘stand out in my field’, as it were, driving a tractor and chisel plowing. Today and tomorrow should pretty well finish my fall field work.
      I’m so sorry to hear about the pets that have been lost lately. We have a nice old dog, Maggie, that I’m not sure is going to make it through the winter. She’s one of the outside dogs and I’ve had a heat lamp on in the garage for her the last few weeks and sometimes she’s still shivering under there…
      Maggie is our ‘bi-lingual’ dog; she was half way to Mexico before somebody down there said she couldn’t come and returned her to the original family whom we got her from. We only know three Mexican commands: ‘Good Dog, Sit and Lay down’ but that about covers it really.


  12. I have been thinking – generally a good pie in the face is not made with real whipped cream because whipped cream doesn’t always “fly” well after it hits your face, it’s sticky, and it gets stinky pretty fast if it’s not cleaned up. I’m thinking our nominated folks deserve a real whipped cream pie to ensure that they have a stinky sticky mess.


  13. I’d like to add Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker and our Speaker Kurt Zellers and Senator Amy Koch to the list. These three have done a lot of damage to real people over the past year and I’d like them to know that we’re sick and tired of it. I’d like those pies to be made out of braunschweiger. It’s hard to imagine anything yuckier.

    Oh, it sounds like you Hurrah Babooners had so much fun! Dale, please post pictures! You guys were on stage? What a bunch of fun!


  14. can we infuse nails or glass shards in some? how about russian roulette pie where you don’t know they will get cut for the pie but there is a chance they will and its a better chance than they gave their adoring public? wait a minute this is more appropriate on the star and trib blog than here on our nice baboon blog where we say angry things in a civil manner. i am going to a drinking liberally meeting in hopkinns at the vfw tonight where the occupy wall street people will be the featured speakers .. how can the say today is the day where you can no longer sleep in the park or carry signs? shoud be interesting to see how that goes over. dayton can not be behind this it must be the congress and the people who are looking after their own with the mandate coming down form n high. 630 on shady oak road in hopkins. run by tommy johnson who is a radio personality on am 950. its usually pretty good . 3rd monday of every month


  15. I can think of so many people who deserve a pie in the face…but since none of you know these people, I won’t list them here. One person I had an argument with…she claimed that here in good ol’ Minnesota there was no such thing as racism and nothing I said could convince her otherwise. I’d like to throw a pie in her face just because she is always right and never wrong. There’s a few other people, but really it’s those people who are just snotty, superior people that I would love to cream with a pie in the face.

    I have no quarrels with any of the other nominated people and like a few others, the first famous person I thought of was MB.

    So sorry to hear of all the pet woes…it’s hard to lose a beloved pet, whether fish, bird, dog, or cat…


  16. Surely there’s a politician or two that could be spared a pie-in-the-face? But it seems the majority of them HAVE earned the target on their mugs. It would make my heart sing a little to see Kim Kardashian take a pie to the face… not that I’ve ever watched her show, but for the way she made a mockery of “love”. Oh yeah, and another pie for her memorable “yeehaw Minnesota” quote! Just seeing the look on her face I’m sure would bring a giggle to mine! I’d take a pie to the face if it was something tasty πŸ™‚


  17. Pie, with unsweetened rhubarb filling, in the face to all those who made such a mess of sports: agents, college presidents, coaches, pushing parents, over-talking sportscasters, owners, advertisers, etc.
    A frozen apple pie in the face to all those who do not get the importance of reporting suspected abuse.
    A Domino’s pizza pie in the face to all the Republican candidates. Come on, is this the best we
    can do? In a nation of 240 million, we come up with these? Cannot the whole political system be just so messed up it is hopeless? Are they not the Domino’s pizza of politicians?
    Pi in the face of all those who have made schools be only about standardized tests, standardized teaching, standardized kids. Maybe not in the face, but at the other end, factored to infinity.
    A paella in the face to to all those who made Swiss cheese of classical music broadcast in southern Minnesota.
    A pileated woodpecker in the face to my former state representative.
    A humble pie in the face to me, with gluten-free crust.
    Pumpkin pie in the face, a piece at a time, pointed end first, slowly, covered in real whipped cream, to all Babooners.


  18. kim kardashian is perfect good addition, pie in the face for the team if it tastes good? not me. i remember an old sales story where the moral was its better to get a peanut butter sandwich well presented than a steak in the face. jim rohn


  19. A lot of the people mentioned today deserve a penalty much harsher than a simple pie in the face.

    I would advocate a pie for those who are not truly harmful to our society but manage to be supremely annoying nonetheless. How about the smug self-righteous guy that does those Faith Minutes spots they always play during Twins games? I want to smack him.


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